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by Hi Digital in on August 25, 2020
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InstaMAX PRO is a software designed to automate your “likes”, search for new followers profiled by similar accounts, and get real followers interested in your content. InstaMAX PRO is a professional marketing tool that will allow you to revitalize your profile thanks to the following functions:

GET FOLLOWERS: Export the followers of other profiles and / or users based on specific Hashtags.
> AUTO FOLLOW: Automatically follows new people, profiled on the basis of hashtags or similar accounts.
> AUTO UNFOLLOW: Function that automatically deletes new followers generated with AutoFollow, and who have not decided to follow you.
> AUTO LIKE: It automatically “likes” profiles based on hashtags or similar accounts.
> AUTO COMMENT: Comment on photos automatically based on hashtags or similar accounts, with the ability to customize the comment
> AUTO DELAY: All operations are carried out with a random delay in order to reduce the risk of account suspension.
> UNLIMITED ACCOUNTS: You can use InstaBot Pro with all your accounts. There is no limit.

INSTAMAX PRO | Instagram Marketing Software

How does InstaMAX PRO increase your followers?

If you regularly use Instagram, you will surely have seen a like or comment on your photo by an unknown person. Out of curiosity you will have (most likely) checked his account to find out who he was and you will also have decided to “follow him“.
Well, this “curiosity” is the basis of the functioning of InstaBot PRO and the marketing strategy we rely on to increase your followers. With InstaBot PRO you will be able to automate your “likes”, comments and to follow other accounts precisely (by username or by a hashtag) in order to increase your interactions and gain new followers (real and active).

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