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Welcome to OracleCode.Com

The terms & conditions set out below govern the use of services offered by OracleCode.Com regarding the use of the site https://OracleCode.Com. Users are advised to read carefully because it can affect the rights and obligations of Users under the law. By registering and / or using the site https://OracleCode.Com, the user is deemed to have read, understood, understood and approved all contents in the Terms & Conditions. These terms & conditions constitute a form of agreement as outlined in a legal agreement between the User and OracleCode.Com. If the user does not approve one, part or all of the contents of the Terms & Conditions, the user is not permitted to use the service at https://OracleCode.Com. OracleCode.Com does not act as a seller or buyer, but rather as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer, to secure every transaction that takes place at OracleCode.Com through a mechanism established by OracleCode.Com.


Seller : users who offer and do services through OracleCode.Com.

Buyer : users who buy services at OracleCode.Com.

New Products (seller dashboard) : where sellers can explain their products so buyers can buy and make orders.

My Products : where sellers see products offered.

Earnings : the seller’s money earned from the order is complete.

Special Orders : special requests made by buyers regarding products.

Buyer Request : a request made by the buyer to receive a special offer from the seller.

Request Product : where the buyer explains the product needed.

Dashboard: the place where the buyer sees the product purchase status created.

Payments : where the buyer looks at the sales & purchase history of product.

Seller Dashboard : the place where the sellers sees the Created products , Sales and earings.

Fees & Commissions

Registration fees & creating a store at OracleCode.Com are FREE. Every purchase transaction will automatically be charged 20% from seller . Minimum withdrawal for sellers is $20. The commission withdrawal process is paid 3 working days after the user’s request.


For the convenience and security of the users, every sale-purchase transaction at OracleCode.Com is required to use the OracleCode.Com transaction system. All payment validation processes are instant (except via credit manual validation process). Transactions can be canceled if the order does not match the seller’s description within a maximum of 5 days from the transaction. The buyer must confirm the successful transaction if the order received is according to the seller’s description. After the transaction is complete, the funds will be held back & automatically become available in the seller’s account after 1×24 hours Buyers who do not confirm the transaction are complete for 3×24 hours after the order is sent by the seller, the automatic transaction is considered successful by the OracleCode.Com system and the funds are forwarded to the Seller. The seller is not allowed to ask or direct or influence the Buyer to fill out a review while the product / service being traded has not been received by the Buyer, including sending a blank order. In the event of a problem in the transaction and one of the parties involved (Seller / Buyer) is not willing to cooperate actively to resolve the complaint within a maximum of 2×24 hours, the manager has the right to make a unilateral decision to end the transaction problem. OracleCode.Com has the right to cancel the transaction and freeze the Buyer’s account indicated using an illegal digital payment account. All sellers at OracleCode.Com are required to compete in a sporty, fair and healthy manner in increasing sales and rating.


OracleCode.Com has the right to block / banned / freeze user accounts if proven to have committed a violation. Sellers / buyers who still violate the rules after being warned will be permanently blocked & the balance / content on the account will immediately be forfeited. Account limitation is a condition where the seller cannot use the funds in the account until the status is lost. Giving bad treatment to the buyer / seller is a violation that can result in the blocking of the seller / buyer account permanently & the balance / content on the account is immediately forfeited. .

Limitation of Liability

OracleCode.Com is not responsible for any risks and losses arising from and in relation to information written by OracleCode.Com users. OracleCode.Com is not responsible for any infringement of copyright, brand, industrial design, circuit layout design, patent rights or other personal rights attached to an item, relating to all information made by the user. OracleCode.Com is not responsible for any risks and losses arising in connection with the use of goods purchased through OracleCode. Com, in the event of a violation of laws and regulations. OracleCode.Com is not responsible for any risks and losses arising from the access of User accounts by other parties. OracleCode.Com is not responsible for any risks and losses arising from transactions outside of OracleCode.Com. OracleCode.Com is not responsible for any risks and losses arising from errors or nominal differences that should be transferred to the account that we have specified. OracleCode.Com is not responsible for any risks and losses that arise if the transaction has been completed systemically (funds have been entered into the seller / buyer). OracleCode.Com is not responsible for any risks and losses arising from errors of the User or other parties in transferring funds to the OracleCode.Com account. OracleCode.Com is not responsible for any risks and losses that arise if the account is frozen and / or disabled. Under any circumstances, the User will pay OracleCode.Com losses and / or avoid OracleCode.Com (including officers, directors, employees, agents and others) from any costs of losses, losses, expenses or damages originating from claims or third party claims arising from User violations of the Rules of Use of OracleCode.Com, and / or violations of the rights of third parties.